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Top Order is an innovative, proactive, and dynamic accountancy practice. We provide a complete range of tax and financial services to businesses and individuals to help you grow your business and personal wealth, as well as build a better relationship with money.


To empower you to confidently carry out business overseas we have partnered with various accounting practices across the globe. Together with trusted partners, we empower our clients with the knowledge to confidently conduct business globally, to reduce double taxation, efficiently repatriate their profits, and appropriately withhold tax on cross-border payments. 


IT, Digital, and Telecoms

One of the largest sectors for freelance professionals, constantly evolving in requirements for skills and knowledge. With more and more services migrating online, not to mention the ongoing requirement from corporates to keep up with the digital and mobile revolution, this sector is growing at a rate of knots. To give you peace of mind and flexibility, we incorporate and execute various tax strategies to ensure you are compliant without overpaying your taxes. 

Health Professionals

If you are a health professional we know you won’t be working regular hours. We will ensure we take care of you while you take care of others, by putting the best tax strategies in place.

Media Creative & Entertainment Professionals

Publishing, marketing, PR, journalism, digital and graphic design, copy-writing, entertainment, broadcasting, film-making are all industries that have a significant freelance element and that we can take care of them when it comes to the specific accounting and tax issues.

add-on services

Apart from Taxes we also offer some ADD ON services to our clients free of charge as part of our ongoing SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. 


Debt Restructuring & Consolidation

With time, our circumstances and requirement changes. We will review your current facilities and look at ways to improve cash flow and reduce costs.

Capital Raising

Across our database, we work closely with equity partners and venture capitalists. If you have an idea that requires funding, we can help you develop a strategy and we can put you in touch with our equity partners. 

Asset Protection

Operating under the correct structure to protect your personal assets is very important. Risk mitigation and appropriate insurance cover from our Asset protection plans ensures your peace of mind.

Planning Sessions

Once a year we take time out to sit down with our clients and understand their financial goals, business goals, retirement goal. We assist in drawing a roadmap that is typically created by you. 


We interpret, analyse and forecast your numbers so we can help you grow your business, increase your profitability, optimise cash flow, and minimise your tax.


Our range of tax planning services and business solutions includes;

  • Business structuring and planning

  • Bookkeeping and Payroll,

  • Establishment of trusts and company registrations 

  • Tax compliance

  • Financial reporting 

  • Cloud accounting and bookkeeping 

  • Cash-flow forecasting, budgeting, and profit & loss projections 

  • Rental properties

  • Capital gains tax

  • Management consulting & business performance.


If you bury your head in the sand when it comes to budgets, or fail to think about your tax until the end of financial year rolls around, you're not alone.


Managing your finances can be a significant source of stress for families, but it doesn't have to be.

We establish strong relationships with every client to enable us to work with you on your financial goals. Our services include;

  • Taxation (including year-round planning)

  • Family budgets, unique to your circumstances

  • Personal Wealth planning

  • Cashflow management


Being a Sole Trader means wearing many hats; business development, marketing, client management, bookkeeping, taxation and managing cashflow (just to name a few).

We work with you to stay on top of your financial admin, to ensure you can focus on growing your business. 

Our services include;

  • Book keeping

  • BAS and GST

  • Expert advice on business structure to ensure the best financial outcome

  • Tax planning

  • Asset protection

but wait, there's more...

Man Signing


As your business grows, you’ll need more support. Often it’s a feeling of knowing you need help, but not being able to say exactly what with. We hear this from our virtual CFO clients a lot.

They’ll tell you that having a virtual CFO service on-call provides the expert financial support you need to scale up and feel properly in control.

You’ll go from feeling like you can’t achieve your growth to knowing what to focus on — from worrying about money to knowing your funding options.  Ensure your business success with a virtual CFO from $600.00 per month, with the following services to do your business justice. 

  • Expert Financial Guidance.

  • Startups and growing SMEs.

  • Essential to scale up. 

  • Support that suits you.


Business Valuation - Feel confident with the right valuation services for your situation. This is a crucial element if you are looking to raise capital for your business. 


Startup Valuation - Capital Raising can be tricky without obtaining a proper valuation. A valuation report can play an important role both commercially and psychologically when negotiating the capital raise

As a startup founder looking to raise capital, it’s vital to do your homework so you have an indication of a reasonable valuation; an operating range to negotiate from. If you’re an angel investor, you might want an independent view on a valuation for early-stage startups where more traditional methods don’t apply.

Signing a Contract

care features

  • Assisting in obtaining finances for individuals, businesses, and property developments.

  • Due Diligence on property development projects.

  • Assisting in obtaining appropriate insurances within and outside your superannuation.

  • Financial Health Checks for Individuals and Businesses.

  • Assist in identifying various investment opportunities based on your appetite and requirements.

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